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Whisper by Lynette Noni


This is going to be my first blog post ever so bear with me…

I borrowed this book maybe two weeks ago and I’m nearly at the end. I had read about half before our book club teacher told me it was shortlisted, and that made me quite excited.

It started off a bit ‘meh’ seeing as it was sort of slow, but it still kept me interested until all the action began to happen. That action sure is happening now!

I enjoy this style of book and I think the fact that it is written in Australia and set in Sydney makes it just that little bit more exciting.

Very curious to see how it ends! I also don’t know whether I want Amelia Westlake or Whisper to win the Inky awards gold, seeing as they have both been a very good use of my time.

Also feel free to give me some feedback on post writing in the comments because I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet.

Thanks, and I look forward to becoming more part of Inside a Dog!



Awesome review! I loved Whisper and I'm sure it'll do well today.

4th Sep, 19

Finished it today and also found out the good news about it winning!

4th Sep, 19

I might give this a try, I love books set in Australia!

4th Sep, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Hope you were happy with the result! It was terrific to have Erin Gough at the Inky Awards too. You can still watch it if you haven't already: https://insideadog.com.au/2019-inky-awards-ceremony/

5th Sep, 19