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The Art of Taxidermy by Sharon Kernot

I borrowed this book during our library period today, expecting an interesting read.

What I got was an amazing one.

It only took me the hour-long period to read, which is nice because I didn’t have to have my reading interrupted or my book feeling disturbed (you know the one where you are part of the book?), but despite it being very short I loved the story.

It circles Charlotte and her family (though she prefers to be called Lottie) and her obsession with dead animals. It is set in Australia, though I could not determine the era. I think the sort of timelessness of it makes it enjoyable; you could be reading it now, in ten years, or ten, twenty years ago, and it wouldn’t matter.

Another thing that I liked was how it was written in prose. I’ve never read a book in prose before and I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was very easy to read, it didn’t distract or confuse me, and it fitted well with the story.

Lottie provides us with facts about animals as well as aboriginal culture from her area (as well as not) which was nice because I could enjoy a story and learn things easily together.

There are themes of death in it as a few of her family members have died as well as the fact that she collects dead animals, though I liked this about the book: it explored death in a positive and new way.

Lottie was also a character who was very different from the stereotype of a girl, something her aunt Hilda had trouble coming past.

To be honest, I didn’t have many (or any) problems with this book.


PS: I am on my way to finishing Everywhere Everything Everyone and I will be posting something hopefully before next year!


Overall, I love this book and I have added it to my favourite book list.


10/10 would recommend.



Great review! I’ve yet to read it but I definitely want to!

10th Dec, 19

I’m glad you loved it!

10th Dec, 19
inky State Library Victoria

That sounds like an intense reading session! This book was on the Inky Longlist!

12th Dec, 19