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Impostors by Scott Westerfeld!!!!

Thanks very much, Inky, I loved this read!

I got this last Friday and have been a bit slow to read it, though that is not because it was boring – it wasn’t!

Frey and Rafia are twin sisters born 26 minutes apart – a tiny amount of time to decide both of their futures. Rafia got to be the spilt, rich daughter while Frey was trained from the age of seven to protect her sister. She is a secret, a body double – kept to defend Rafia.

Rafia, thankfully, is a great sister and Frey loves her. The problem is: the same cannot be said for their father, the ruler of Shreve.

Frey has to impersonate her sister (not a new task – this is what she’s been doing her whole life) and live in the house of another first family (the rulers of Victoria) and leave Rafia hidden in their home.

This book was very wonderful in terms of diversity: a vast majority of the characters were female (completely different to some books I’ve read!), there was a casually mentioned nonbinary character (who is great, by the way) and subtle references to bisexuality.

The characters, I thought, were not cliché and were well written. the plot was a bumpy hoverboard ride. It sucked me in and there wasn’t really any sections that I didn’t like.

I’m not sure what to rate this one, so I won’t, but it’s definitely is the top half.


PS I put in the tags loveozya because it is – though technically it’s half oz and half American.


inky State Library Victoria

Your welcome sekhmet! Glad you liked it! It sounds intriguing actually - my Uncles are identical twins born 26 minutes apart. I find identical twins fascinating. In some African cultures it is the second twin who is more revered as they are more at risk during the birth.

11th Nov, 19

That is pretty cool

11th Nov, 19

I'm reading Uglies by the same author atm! Have you read it?

25th Nov, 19

I have not, though I am planning to once I finish the sequel Shatter City. I believe Uglies is set in the same universe!

26th Nov, 19

In reply to sekhmet

Really? That's so cool - The series sounds really interesting :) I might read it after I finish my books

26th Nov, 19